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New and emerging technologies can only succeed when interested people know about them. It requires advertising on a large scale both online and offline. They need the help of a professional tech PR agency like Branding Area.

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Your Company Needs a Tech PR Agency to Stay Ahead of the Competitors

Your technical company must appear at the top of the search engine results page. It ensures that potential clients see the details of your website when searching for specific keywords and phrases and click on its link to visit your online business. It leads to increased footfalls on your website and a greater chance of getting more clients. You can drastically increase the number of visitors to your website by spreading the news about it on social media networks, arranging meetings with your probable clients, and distributing details of upcoming events through press releases. Unfortunately, it requires experience and skills for these tasks. Your sole option is to approach a tech PR agency and discuss your marketing and brand image with their professionals. Approaching any public relations agency will not help because their personnel lack the knowledge required to promote a niche like technology.



The Help a Technology PR Agency Offers

We at Branding Area know the problems technical companies face when trying to promote their brand image to garner new clients. For many years, the professionals of our specialty agency that has in-depth knowledge of tech segments have successfully organised communication programs for a wide range of tech industries dealing in:

  • Consumer devices
  • Internet
  • Cloud storage
  • Home and industry security
  • Biotechnology
  • Wireless communications
  • Networking
  • Semiconductors

  • Our Tech PR Company has the competence

    We have always provided successful results to our clients because we know the way things work from channels, ecosystems, R&D, supply chains, and marketing products. Our public relations specialists know:

  • How new protocols affect the development
  • The procedure of beta testing software
  • The manufacturing process of chips
  • How cloud storage speeds up the process of developing new industrial and domestic electronic goods

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    We are your preferred B2B Tech PR Agency

    We have become the best PR agency in the marketplace with our passion, dedication, time bound strategies, creative methods, and various other critical aspects. Some of the points are stated below with briefs to state why we are the best PR agency in Ahmedabad?

    Our competent and experienced personnel know different business-to-business technologies work. It allows them to develop new formulas, which enhance our client’s image and improve their marketing process. The speed at which new technological innovations are making their way into the market requires companies to develop new narratives, engaging storytelling, and change their product promotion strategies through traditional and digital media. We specialise in channelling your company’s business model and expertise to the right audiences. Even though public relations nowadays relies highly on press releases and social media, we also use content marketing through different channels such as paid (sponsored) and earned (media) to owned (social media and technology websites). We add fresh and relevant content regularly, as search engines give a higher ranking to websites whose blog contains updated and helpful content.

    Branding Area is the Ideal PR Agency for Tech Startups

    We know the difference between promoting established technical brands suffering from loss of image and new companies who have no online presence. We also have unique and affordable brand promotion packages for technology startups that will help them establish their presence in the competitive market. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.


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