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The online gaming agency is witnessing a huge leap with many new companies striving to stay ahead of their competitors. Branding Area, a renowned Indian gaming PR agency will help you reach the number one position using unique strategies.

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Branding Area – The Video Game Influencer and Gaming PR Agency

The video gaming industry is proliferating. Nearly 60% of Indians play some video games or the other every day on consoles, computers, or smartphones. About a decade ago, people had to purchase and download games or purchase game DVDs before installing them on their computers or game consoles before they could play them. However, things have changed rapidly over the past few years, thanks to the advent of high-speed broadband connections. People nowadays play streaming games using devices connected to the internet. They play multi-platform games by competing with other gamers from around the globe. This interest has bought about a rapid change in the gaming industry.



You Need a Professional Gaming PR Agency to Promote Your Brand

Many popular brands such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and others compete to capture a slice of the players by releasing new action and movie-based games. Small and start-up gaming companies must contend with the large established brands that lure players to subscribe to and play their games. However, this is easier said than done, considering the players' loyalty towards the established brands. These companies have to reach out to players to provide them with demo versions of their games so that the latter can experience the engagement quotient of their games and then purchase or subscribe to them. Unfortunately, these companies lack the funds required to promote their titles massively. The professional marketers of Branding Area, a professional gaming marketing agency, help companies in the gaming industry connect with the following:

  • Gaming community
  • Content creators
  • Media influencers
  • Game beta testers

  • We are a Result-Oriented Video Game PR Agency

    The gaming PR professionals at Branding Area have in-depth knowledge about video games and can easily promote them successfully. Their extreme understanding of hardware, peripherals, and individual and multi-platform games helps them determine the best way to promote video games and hardware. Their connection with leading press and content creators allows them to share their vision of your games and related hardware with the gaming fraternity. We have helped create the successful future of many game titles and see no reason we cannot promote your game. Our publicity relations team promote your latest games using:

  • Engaging content written by professional gamers
  • Gaming industry influencers
  • Displaying your game in digital gaming events
  • Strategical marketing
  • Connections in the social media

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    Take Help from Our Esports PR and Marketing Agency

    Our professional PR team profoundly understands the gaming industry to esports companies interested in building their league, introducing new gaming products, selling sport-based games, and much more. Our professionals take the help of professional gamers to beta test your latest titles and tell their stories in digital media. It is advantageous as gamers always go through the reviews written by professionals in the field and use that information before purchasing a newly released game. We help you get the most lucrative deals in paid marketing on social media. Some gaming industry leaders might not have witnessed their success without our help.

    The Professionals of our Gaming Public Relations Agency Awaits You

    We are interested in promoting your latest game title. We are confident that you will spread the word about our company to other game developers once our promotion effort pays off. We guarantee a return on investment by selecting the best channels to deliver the biggest bang for your cash. Instead of disposing of your latest game in the cold storage, show it to our professionals. They will utilise their experience to market it successfully. We are confident that you will never approach any other game PR agency in the future once you have used our services.


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