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Displays the Verified Badge on Verified Facebook

You might have noticed a blue checkmark next to a celebrities name on Facebook. It means that his/her profile is verified. In late May 2017, Facebook introduced the verified checkmark for local business pages. Apart from getting verified, it makes sure that your business page on this leading social media platform appears higher in its search results. The good news is that anyone can verify their Facebook page and take advantage of its numerous benefits once they have registered as a business. Although this process is quite straightforward, it is better to hand the job to an agency that offers Facebook page verification service India . A Facebook verification checkmark

  • Provides credibility to official pages
  • Distinguishes between real pages and pages run by imposters
  • Signifies that your Facebook page is legitimate
  • Provides priority to check marked pages in its search results


We offer professional quality Facebook verification service

Getting your business verified on Facebook is not an easy task. If you do not do it properly it can lead to the rejection of your application, which can be a huge embarrassment for you and a major drawback for your business. Therefore, you should only hand over these jobs to professionals like us. We have years of experience with the verification process and can save you the hassle of rejected requests. It does not matter whether you run a small or a large business, as we have plans that meet the budget of all types of businesses. Over the years, we have assisted thousands of surgeons, entrepreneurs, brands, influencers, musicians, authors, and celebrities with our Facebook blue tick service . The tick improves your reach by ensuring your page shows at the top of relevant Facebook search results.

Who are eligible for the Facebook profile verification service?

Theoretically, anyone can get verified on Facebook. However, they have to meet stringent verification criteria for approval. Apart from abiding by the “terms of service” of Facebook your account should be

  • Unique
  • Notable
  • Complete, and
  • Authentic

Ensuring that your account looks highly credible improves its chances of getting verified. Except for language-specific accounts, the social media giant only verifies a single account per person or business. It is worth noting that Facebook does not validate general interest accounts. For example, it will not verify your page dedicated to beauty products but will verify if your page represents a registered publication dedicated to beauty products. That being said, the abovementioned requirements are the bare minimum and there is no guarantee that it will help you get Facebook verified accounts . Additionally, the social media behemoth may also have other requirements for verifying profiles and pages belonging to city governments, elected officials, politicians, and law enforcement agencies. Our Facebook page verification service professionals increase the credibility of your account by publishing engaging and highly informative posts regularly. Their extensive knowledge and years of experience allow them to complete the verification process quickly and efficiently.


Facebook not verified my ID

To complete the verification process successfully your page should represent a real business, entity, or person. It should have a minimum of one post, have a profile photo, and a completed “about” section. The application approval chances increase if multiple publications and news sources feature your account.

How verified Facebook account helps you

Increased visibility: Your agency gets increased visibility once you verify it with Facebook. Keeping ahead of the algorithms of Facebook is a tough task. However, it ensures that people see your posts, as Facebook will show your page to more people post verification.

Access to local alerts: Gaining access to the local alerts feature of Facebook is a great reason to verify your account. These alerts provide you with a great way to ensure that your message reaches as many individuals as possible in times of emergency.

Tackling wrong information: You can also tackle misinformation once Facebook verifies your page. The Facebook blue badge verification acts as an indicator to people that your page is credible and authentic, safeguarding you against impersonators.

Reduces negatives: Apart from receiving perks, Facebook verification reduces negatives as well. You have to have a verified page if you want to advertise on Facebook about topics such as politics, elections, and social issues. Remember, Facebook can restrict your advertising account if you try to advertise without being verified.

Provides protection: The Facebook verification badge protects you against worst-case scenarios like losing control of your page once a rogue employee or somebody else hacks it. Ensuring that your page is set up with protections against these problems is a part of the Facebook verification process. Facebook also recommends you to

  • Enrol in Facebook Protect
  • Take Facebook’s security and privacy check-ups
  • Enable two-factor authentication

Start the verification process today to reap long-term benefits and get a blue tick on your page. The specialists of our Facebook verification agency India are there to help you complete the requisite processes. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation to understand why your Facebook page needs a blue tick verification.


Build Trust with Your Audience with Facebook Verified Page

Are you trying to get your Facebook page verified, but are unable to understand the steps? You are aware that not verifying your profile on Facebook can cause your posts to underperform. Additionally, you may be losing impressions to phony accounts. Your business suffers due to these facts. Let us face it. Not everybody has the time to perform the various steps required to verify their Facebook page. You need not worry, as the professionals of Branding Area, the leaders in Facebook profile verification service are there to help you. In case you have missed it, Facebook now has both a grey checkmark symbol and a blue one. Having a page with a blue tick in Facebook provides your business with advantages such as:

  • Create branded content
  • Get back your views
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Improve the possibility of increased engagement
  • Ensure your page shows at the top of Facebook search results

Why you should hire a professional agency for the job

Facebook gives blue verification badges to both business pages and personal profiles. However, it gives this badge to eligible accounts only. You also need to ensure that your personal profile or business pages are of public interest and complies with the policy of Facebook. Facebook gives the blue verification badge to eligible public figures, media organisations, and eligible brands. You can request a blue badge by filling up a specific form on Facebook. Be aware that Facebook uses its discretion to determine whether a page qualifies for a blue or grey badge. To ensure that your page gets the blue badge, hand over the job to a reputable Facebook page verification agency like Branding Area.

Facebook not verified my id

If Facebook does not verify your identity, it will not confirm it as well. Facebook can reject your ID for various reasons. Many people do not fill up all the fields in the form provided. You should also submit a sharp picture, free of any glare. If you do not know how to fill-up the form properly, hand over the task to the specialists of our Facebook blue tick verification service. Our professionals will help your business or personal page to get the blue tick on Facebook. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses, celebrities, musicians, authors, and the like who did not have a clue about how to get blue tick in FB. Get in touch with us today and we shall help you get a blue tick on your personal or business page on Facebook.

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