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The crypto market is booming with individuals and companies launching new projects almost every day. As the owner of a crypto firm, you can stay ahead of the competition with the help of a crypto PR agency like Branding Area.

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Crypto PR Agency – Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

Although cryptocurrency has been around for several decades, it debuted in India a couple of years ago. At that time, people had limited knowledge of exchanges that depended on Blockchain technology for its existence. In those days, Indians only had knowledge about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other popular digital currencies that relies on encryption to verify the transfer of funds and to control the creation of monetary units. Over the past few years, many Indian companies joined the fray and began promoting international cryptocurrencies through their exchanges and digital currencies. Wazirx, the number one Indian cryptocurrency exchange, is a typical example. Today, the market contains many Indian platforms, each trying to get the maximum number of subscribers on its database.



How Blockchain PR Agency Helps Crypto Exchanges

New agencies often find it difficult to penetrate the saturated market. Branding Area, the biggest crypto PR agency, helps them establish a foothold in the market and increase their client base by promoting their brand image. New companies often offer lucrative bonuses to first-time users to improve the user base of their exchange. However, they need to promote their business to participants of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, developing a website and applications for the Android and Mac platforms is relatively easy for crypto exchanges.

Problems Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Owners Face

On the contrary, most owners face challenges while promoting their exchange to the public. They need the help of a specialised PR agency. The professionals of most public relations agencies in India hardly have any idea about cryptocurrency and how it works. Therefore, they cannot do justice when trying to promote a new exchange or boost the brand image of an established company. The crypto-savvy team of our crypto public relations agency checks their platform for issues and suggests remedial steps. After signing the contract, our professionals take the steps required to solve those problems.



How Does our NFT PR Agency Help You?

Often referred to as NFTs, non-fungible tokens consist of Blockchain-based tokens representing an exclusive asset such as media, digital content, or a piece of art. In simple terms, one can consider an NFT as an irrevocable digital certificate of authenticity and ownership for a specific physical or digital asset. The qualified professionals of the Branding Area can help you produce, collaborate, and promote NFT projects. We promote your NFTs through:

  • Social monitoring and shilling
  • Airdrop promotion
  • Community building
  • Target ads, and
  • Paid traffic

  • Why You Should Rely on Our Crypto PR Agency in India

    Cryptocurrency traders check several things before joining and investing their money on any site, such as:

  • The security level of the company’s server
  • The speed at which transactions take place
  • The functionality and reliability of its P2P platform
  • The uptime of the platform
  • The number of digital assets available
  • The reputation of the exchange, and
  • Whether the exchange has its Telegram discussion group

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    How Our Crypto PR Professionals Increase Your Customer Base?

    Our professionals diagnose all these and much more to enhance the brand image of your trading platform, thereby increasing your customer base. They spend time researching other platforms to find out their pros and cons and use the information gained to improve the brand image of your crypto trading website. They also work in tandem with the developers of your app and suggest changes as and when required. Our specialists spread the news about your platform through social media, crypto-related blogs, and news channels. If necessary, our specialists also depend on paid advertising, providing better investment returns. Contact Branding Area today for a free consultation and find out how we can enhance the image of your crypto trading platform.

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