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  • Brand awareness - Raising brand awareness and spending on awareness campaigns to expand your marketing mix and grow the company
  • Raise fund - They needed to persuade people through PR that their company is an exciting possibility and that being noticed by the media.
  • Social media Engagement – With PR they wanted to strategically develop their social media engagement.
  • Gain Website visitors – The one of the prime focus was to gain maximum traction on their website.
  • Cutting ads budget – The brand wanted enough visibility through PR so that they can cut down on Advertising.

The strategy

A company that wants to raise money successfully needs to have a compelling narrative to convey. Investors need to be able to see them. Additionally, they must be regarded as industry leaders rather than just another business seeking funding. Branding Area with our exclusive PR team garnered and made sure the need is sufficed.

The results

The team was able to secure media attention across numerous platforms. Later, the brand was fully in the spotlight. The brand received the accuracy it required. Because of the media coverage of the events, the website receives more than a million views every day. With our extensive PR the brand garnered amazing traction that it was successful enough to not spend on advertising. It also noticed a major change in their website traffic.

Coverage Links

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  • https://dotesports.com/news/indian-streaming-service- loco-raises-42-million-from- investors

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