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CoinFantasy is a leading decentralised fantasy game for the crypto financial market that leverages NFTs to create a fun and immersive experience for the users. The fantasy gaming on the platform will be powered by tradable/collectible NFTs on the favourite tokens with multi-chain deployment on Polygon, Avalanche, Solana & Ethereum.

The platform aims to gamify the financial markets by simplifying complex concepts into simple and interesting gameplay. Through our novel approach, we encourage players to explore strategies to participate in and gain from financial markets. Starting with a portfolio management format, we hope to extend the gamification process to other financial instruments and asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. Decentralization of the gameplay is to ensure that the platform is community-driven and make settlements secure. The play-to-earn element incentivizes players by rewarding them justly for their time and effort with tokens and NFTs that can be truly owned by the user.


  • Raising brand awareness and spending on awareness campaigns to expand your marketing mix and grow the company
  • They needed to persuade people through PR that their company is an exciting possibility and that being noticed by the media.
  • With PR they wanted to strategically develop their social media account’s engagement rate
  • Reinforcing their brand my maintaining positive relation with their key audience and thereby aiding in building a strong image through PR.
  • Putting their image as an employer’s brand to attract the most relevant and talented human resources for the brand.

The strategy

At an initial level we came up with a full fledge PR strategy for Coin Fantasy. We decided to tap the industry-oriented media portals for coin fantasy and to publish their articles on them, it included the fintech, crypto and fantasy gaming platforms. The planned content was around industry stories, brand’s journey, stories around the discount coupon and gaming trends. For the fundraising objective we focused over the fintech and business portals and made the stories speaking about the brand’s success.

For increasing the social media engagement our team made a plan of action and started handling coinfantasy’s social media account. All the content was planned to be trending and influencing. The content of tweets and posts were also including the new launched games and leagues.

The results

The PR team was able to grab attention of numerous premium portals for the client. This helped our team to fulfil the client’s brand’s awareness and recognition objective as those exclusive portals came up with exclusive organic reach. Through our PR activity we even helped the client to frame their brand as an employer’s brand. The way client’s success stories were framed, it helped the client gain the investor’s eyes over the brand.

The social media engagement campaign truly helped the client to gain high engagement rate over its social media accounts, and in increasing the follower base of CoinFantasy. The campaign even helped the client to gain more live players over their website and hence resulted in fulfilling the objective.

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