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Strengthening your ratings and reviews program by branding area can increase the discoverability and awareness of your products, boost sales, help your business talk in the language of your customers and much more. In fact, nearly half of shoppers say they are less likely to buy from a brand or retailer if they don’t have reviews and rating on their sites, and 70% of shoppers use reviews to evaluate similar products before buying.

Start by defining what success looks like for your business by documenting your current pain points and goals. Some common goals for a user-generated content (UGC) program include: boosting conversion on your product pages, launching new products with immediate success, standing out on an increasingly competitive retail shelf, or optimising SEO to increase search traffic.

Why Online Review And Rating is Important

Higher Business Ranking
Improve Click-Through Rates
Build Trust
Improves Page Conversions
Improve Your Business

To being on higher rank on the search engines review and rating is good to go. Recent studies says the ranking factors always influence local search rankings on search engines. Moz and The Local SEO Guide found online reviews can help a website rank to get higher in the Google Local 3-Pack and in organic local search results as well.

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