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Any business or person who are in buying or occuring product or service for their use is considered that company’s lead. Anyone or everyone cannot be a leader for your business. Many businesses make the mistake in their marketing to everybody instead of focusing only on people interested in the company’s offerings which are also called targeted audiance.

Lead generation is defined as the method of attracting or converting customers into potential customers who would try out your company’s products or services personally or in recomendations. The end goal of lead generation is to get more people to convert into subscribers, customers, and supporters for your business.

Important of Lead Generation

Expand Your Market
Grow More Customer Reviews
Develop Business chance
Boost Your Revenue
Improve Lead Quality

When anyone started a business they likely targeted a specific group of people weather from their location or their critetia. But that is not the only sector you can and should be targeting? Lead gen enables you to learn more about your prospects and reach more number of new customers who are similar to your existing customers.

Lead Generation Platforms


there are two types of lead generation strategies on Google: organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get your website to rank highly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads campaigns. When optimised, both strategies direct potential customers to your business and convert them into leads.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Google - 70%


Facebook lead makes the lead generation process easy. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up—it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Facebook - 91.3%


High-Quality Lead Generation With a unique and compelling LinkedIn profile, we help you increases brand awareness and generates more qualified leads for your business. Our tried, tested, and ultra-modern user-centric LinkedIn strategy will help you maintain a consistent stream of high-quality leads.
Lead Generation Success Stats From LinedIn - 45%


Twitter lead generation cards increase conversion rates by capturing in-app form-fills from your followers. Think of them as embedded landing pages within your tweets, except they’re much more concise and require much less work from your followers.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Twitter - 72%


email lead generation strategy doesn’t start and end with a lead capture page. It involves strategically nurturing your leads toward the ultimate conversion: a sale. Email drip campaigns make this easier because you’re systematically guiding each of your leads toward that end goal.
Lead Generation Success Stats From E-mail - 78%


WhatsApp lead generation strategies focus on cultivating potential customers for a business using WhatsApp messenger as the main tool to communicate business offers, provide support, share valuable content and so forth. The core idea behind the concept is to approach potential clients in an environment where they feel comfortable and in control.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Whatsapp - 54%


Proactively building relationships with influencers and industry experts is a powerful way to generate demand and leads, and positive word of mouth (WOM). Most of us know this as influencer marketing, aka influence development. Influence development is a practice of building relationships with key individuals who influence your buyers’ decisions.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Influencer - 93%

Meme Pages

Don’t Stop A-Meme-In’ – Using Memes for Lead Generation and Buzz Building Demand Generation. This is the process of finding and attracting people (leads) who are likely to become your customers immediately or in the future.
Lead Generation Success Stats From Meme Pages - 82%

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