How Long Does SEO Take?

As we know SEO stands for “search engine optimization” in digital marketing language. In simple words, SEO means when people search for products or services related to your business in search engines like Google, Bing, and others. The process of upgrading your website to increase its visibility is the definition of SEO. The better and more visibility your website is having on search results or in SERP pages, the more likely you are to get attention and attract new and existing customers/audiences to your business.

In any SEO company, this will be the frequently asked question is ‘how long does SEO take?’ and what steps we are taking to improve Google search results. In spite of promising guaranteed first-page results in a few months, It is better to explain how the agency going to work on the website, how long it will take to work if the business is in a competitive niche. To explain the SEO process in detail, first, you need to look at the common factors that help improve website SEO.

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How long and what steps should be taken to improve website SEO?

#1 Point: Website Age

If you have a website that you created recently, it will take a little bit longer to improve Google ranking and be your website on SERP. The reason behind this is the recently created website hasn’t yet established ‘authority with Google’s algorithm. The longer the history of your website and the more credible the sources and the more it will get Google’s attention. What Google considers a dependable source, domain age, building links from reliable sites with having a good user experience, these all points should be contributed. If your website is new and in a competitive business niche, it might take up to a year to improve website SEO.

#2 Point: Website competition

Competition is everything and one of the biggest factors when it comes to answering, ‘How Long Does SEO Take?’. If we can explain it with an example, if you sell a particular business niche product or service with a few competitors, you can expect and want your website to rank well in just a few months after you have started SEO. But with a high competition keyword, such as ‘lawyer Sydney’, could take up to a year to rank on the first page of SERP or maybe longer because it depends on how aggressive competitor tactics are.

#3 Point: Building Links

Building links is quite time-consuming but it helps to make your website a trustworthy source. With link building you actually have other websites link back to your website; it can be by adding your business to different web directories or by writing some guest blogs. Always make a reminder that Google cracks down hard on websites by doing ‘black hat' techniques, such as

#4 Point: Website issues

If the website is filled with problems all the onsite SEO tactics can’t significantly improve Google search results. At Branding Area, improving website quality is one of the essential and most fundamental parts of our SEO strategy. This technique is known as ‘technical SEO’ and this technique involves everything that starts from changing the website’s structure and navigation to fixing crawler issues and also adding structured data.

#5 Point: More time and effort

For better results, you should spend more time and effort with SEO. If you have aggressive competitors and you are in a highly competitive industry, you need to increase your digital marketing efforts. As we know search engine algorithm is changing very frequently, so those who slow down on their SEO work will quickly find themselves falling in rankings. If you want to improve the Google ranking of your website all you need to be consistent with your efforts.

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