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Digital / Online PR Services by Branding Area

A online press release/PR by Branding Area will help you to get official announce the issued to media providing information on a particular development, product or services in the company or business on any specific matter digitally.

There are lots of free or paid online press release distribution channels out there in digital that are available on web to circulate your PR globally and we will help you to strategies accordingly to promote your online press release/PR.

Why Use PR Services

Branding Opportunity
Effective Marketing Plan
Increases Traffic
Increases Sale Potential
Instant Exposure

With innovative digital PR campaign it doesn’t matter that you are having a startup business or brand or big one. But with this service you can get the opportunity of branding your works, services or products to the market and become an industrial or work expert as per the palnning. So choosing an excellent digital PR agency is very necessary because they will provide you a chance of branding yourself as a unique quality expert or thought leader in your space.

The Strategies Branding Area Follows to Perform Online Press


Online Press Release/PR Format and Template

– Headline Which Grabs People’s Attention
– Location
– Strong Lead
– Body
– Boilerplate
– Press Contact

Be Newsworthy

Journalists love anything exclusive. They also happen to love data. Giving them exclusive data in a media release is a good way of offering both. So having that breaking news will help you to grow your online press release/PR.

Crafting Lead

Your lead is the first paragraph in your online press release/PR usually consisting of 35 to 45 words, it summarizes the most critical parts of your online press release/PR so craft carefully.

Supporting Quotes

Including quotes is a good way to boost the credibility and personality of your online press release/PR to a reader. However, always ensure that your quote is relevant in the context of the article.

Add Media Contact Details

You need to include your media contact information for reporters to get in touch with you include your email id and phone number to give them a point of contact when they want to reach out to you for any update they want.

Types of Press Releases

– Product Launch Press Release
– New Research Findings Press Release
– Emergency Announcement Press Release
– New Hire Press Release
– Award Announcement Press Release

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